Workshop: SME requirements for e-leadership skills and development of new e-leadership programmes and courses for SMEs

Effective organisations of all sizes and stages of maturity are demanding e-leaders who are both business and ICT-savvy. For effective e-leadership, the skills required are seen as those which enable people with very strong ICT skills to lead qualified staff from ICT and other disciplines towards identifying and designing business models and exploiting key innovation opportunities. Their success is defined as making best use of developments in ICT and delivering value to their organizations.

At the fourth Expert Workshop organised as part of the service contract ‘e-Leadership for SMEs’ for the European Commission on 20 November 2014 at PIN-SME the results from the preparatory activities from the ‘e-leadership training course demonstration’ will be presented. This will include the presentation of the:

  • Results from the e-leadership skills requirements capture work involving several hundred SMEs in interviews and a survey in several European countries
  • Specifications of suitable e-leadership training programmes and courses conforming to the needs of SMEs
  • E-leadership programmes and courses for SMEs as they have been designed and are / will be implemented by 5 leading business schools and universities in 5 European countries from now onwards.

Demonstration of these activities is planned for late 2014 and 2015.

At the workshop the approach taken in LEAD and results achieved so far will be discussed.

A full report on the results and achievements will follow in the next newsletter.


This initiative was launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in January 2013