ICT Professionalism: Proposal for a pan-European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge

Today the nature of the ICT jobs is changing. Technology is developing rapidly and this challenges our current, traditional ways of educating people. It is no longer enough to merely be a technical expert or specialist. The industry needs professionals with a diversity of knowledge and skills in ICT. ICT professionals are required to also understand the business, operational and HR management aspects. However, at the moment, there is still no international authoritative source that defines and organises the core knowledge of the ICT discipline.

The European Commission launched this new initiative on e-Skills and ICT Professionalism as part of the EU e-Skills strategy and with a view to support the development of a pan-European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge in 2014. The purpose of this project is to contribute to developing tomorrow’s ICT professionals. The European Foundational ICT Body of Knowledge will provide the basis for a common understanding of the foundational knowledge each ICT professional should possess. It will serve as the go-to reference for individuals, academia and industry, and hence will contribute to educating and developing tomorrow’s multidisciplinary ICT professionals.

The first draft version has been reviewed. This version was constructed following analysis of relevant studies and existing Bodies of Knowledge, as well as a broad consultation of stakeholders through interviews, workshops and online surveys. Anyone interested is welcome to share views on the work in progress. Please contact the team for more information.

International cooperation has also been established with key stakeholders in other regions of the world sharing the same goals (e.g. in the US, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Australia etc.). This initiative aims to build and strengthen that collaboration. Representatives from IEEE and IPA (Japan) will be presenting their views on developments and international collaboration during the second day of the e-Skills Conference (www.eskills2014conference.eu).

This project is executed by Capgemini Consulting and EY. More information can be found online at www.ictbok.eu or by contacting the project team (niels.vander.linden@capgemini.com).




This initiative was launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in January 2013