e-Skills for Jobs 2014 Grand Event in Rome

The high level conference “e-Skills: Making a Career with Digital Technologies” is the second major event at European level for the awareness raising campaign on skills and jobs launched by the European Commission in 2014.

Based on the great success of the first high level conference held on 6 May 2014 in Athens, the Rome event gathered over 400 policy makers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, ICT practitioners and young people to draw their attention to the increasing needs of e-skills in the 21st century. The campaign is contributing to strengthen e-skills initiatives in public policies and boost the pledges to the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs. It is a stepping stone in raising awareness of the new skills needed for jobs in the digital economy.

For more information on the programme of the conference:  http://conference.eskillsforjobs.it/  See also the press release


This initiative was launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in January 2013