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e-leadership - Digital Skills for SMEs.  Download (6 MB)

S. Robinson, L. Hendrix, B. Hanny, W. B. Korte, T. Hüsing (2015): New Curricula for e-Leadership Skills. Guidelines and Quality Lables for new Curricula for e-Leadership Skills in Europe. Final Report. Bonn. 


T. Hüsing, W.B. Korte, E. Dashja (2015): E-skills and e-leadership skills 2020. Trends and forecasts for the European ICT professional and digital leadership labour market. Empirica Working Paper. Bonn.



Guidelines and Quality Labels for New Curricula for e-Leadership Skills in Europe  Download

Self-Evaluation Tool - please send an e-mail to guide(at)empirica(dot)com to receive the self-evaluation tool

Self-Evaluation Examples from Universities and Business Schools:


Acquiring e-Leadership Skills. Fostering the Digital Transformation of Europe. Brochure. Bonn.

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New Curricula for e-Leadership - Delivering Skills for an Innovative and Competitive Europe  [1.7 MB]


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This initiative was launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in January 2013

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