Responding to the inadequacies in the skills market flagged by stakeholders across the EU, the European Commission has begun commissioning studies and launching initiatives designed to foster a full range of skills relating to ICT, “e-skills”, in Europe, the most recent focus and initiative is on the skills gap in the ‘e-leadership’ domain.

For effective e-leadership, the skills required are seen as those which enable people with very strong ICT skills to lead qualified staff from ICT and other disciplines towards identifying and designing business models and exploiting key innovation opportunities. Their success is defined as making best use of developments in ICT and delivering value to their organizations. As initial scope, the initiative has chosen to focus on the leadership needs of medium and large size enterprise at the top levels of decision-making.

The European Commission initiative aims to support the development of e-leadership skills through the strong practical instrument of a curriculum profile and the development of quality criteria that evaluate the programmes provided by higher educational institutions matched to curriculum profiles and demonstrate these at different business schools and universities in Europe. This should lead to encouraging the development of attractive, adapted, up-to-date educational offers able to increase the supply to the economy of experienced and highly qualified leaders in ICT-based innovation

The initiative and the 2014 demonstration activities are open to education institutions, industry and associations understanding e-leadership skill requirements in the workplace. Notifications of interest to should be addressed to: guide(at)empirica(dot)com


This initiative was launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in January 2013