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e-Leadership for the Digital Economy

Delivering Skills for Transforming the Economy

6 November 2014, 9:30 – 17:00

Maison de l'UNESCO, Salle XI, 125 avenue de Suffren - 75015 Paris

Need for e-Leadership

e-Leadership is of crucial importance for companies and industry to excel in their business operation. For effective e-leadership, the skills required are seen as those which enable people with very strong ICT skills to lead qualified staff from ICT and other disciplines towards identifying and designing business models and exploiting key innovation opportunities. Their success is defined as making best use of developments in ICT and delivering value to their organizations.
Demand is growing throughout European industry to improve the quality of e-leadership, covering organisation leadership in ICT innovation to deliver business value. Research has confirmed a significant shortage of e-leadership skills across Europe - a call for action.
The European Commission e-Leadership initiative focuses on the leadership needs of top decision-makers and professional leaders at larger enterprises. These leaders oversee portfolios of both well-defined and emergent innovation opportunities. Successful design and implementation requires developing and engaging highly qualified staff to achieve the target value.

Focus of Initiative and Event

The European Commission initiative found that closing the e-leadership skills gap requires a range of educational ecosystem actions. In particular it needs strong collaboration of demand and supply stakeholders to create new educational offers. Pilot work shows that this leads to innovative and relevant content for e-leadership curricula.
The present event is one of ten regional events organised by the European Commission across Europe together CIGREF as the host.

The objectives of the event are to:

  • Inform stakeholders keen to promote innovation through e-Leadership.
  • Communicate the e-leadership Curriculum Profile and quality label approach
  • Disseminate lessons from pilot developments
  • Guide education institutions to develop e-leadership programmes
  • Encourage employers to make use of e-leadership programme offerings.


Agenda: e-Leadership for the Digital Economy Delivering Skills for Transforming the Economy

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Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director, Global Indices, INSEAD European Competitiveness Initiative

 08:30 - 09:30


 09:30 - 10:30

Welcome and introduction

 10:30 - 11:10

 ICT trends and their implications on skills and e-leadership

  • ICT trends towards 3rd platform skills and jobs (e.g. Big data, cloud computing, social media technologies, IT security)

  • implications on skills in general and especially e-leadership skills

 Marianne Kolding, Vice President, IDC Europe


The European e-leadership skills education ecosystem

  • Why e-leadership?

  • What it is?

  • E-leadership demand

  • E-leadership supply: higher and executive education offers, shortages and  gaps

 Werner B. Korte, Director, empirica GmbH, Bonn (Germany) pdf icon Download [PDF 1.2MB]


Plenary Discussion


 11:10 - 11:40

Coffee Break

 11:40 - 12:40

Industry demand for e-leadership skills

  • Demand for e-leadership skills and related higher and executive education programmes

Paul Costelloe, Director of Executive Education for EuroCIO pdf icon Download [PDF 2MB]


The urgent need for e-leaders – practical experiences and case studies from large corporations and global players in France


Jean Pascal Gaudy, IT RH  and Competence Manager, SAFRAN


The answer of educational courses, universities and business schools


Yves Poilane, Director Telecom Paristech, Chairman of Pasc@line pdf icon Download [PDF 1MB]


Plenary Discussion


 12:40 - 14:00

Lunch break

 14:00 - 15:00

Towards European e-Leadership curriculum profiles and quality labels

  • ‘Curriculum Profile’ approach taken by universities and business schools in cooperation with industry

  • Demonstration of curriculum profiles and quality labels as an instrument for adapting and developing e-leadership curricula for higher and executive educational institutions

 Lex Hendriks, Business Knowledge Consultant, ASIN


 e-Leadership in practice

  • Existing offers and experiences

  • Use of e-Leadership curriculum profiles to shape programmes

Prof. Dr. Sharm Manwani, Henley Business School

Prof. Dr.  Renaud Cornu Emieux, Directeur de l'Ecole de Management des Systèmes d'Information de Grenoble (EMSI Grenoble) pdf icon Download [PDF 996 KB]


Plenary Discussion


 15:00 - 15:30

Coffee Break

 15:30 - 16:30

Panel discussion

New Curricula for e-leadership skills meeting industry demands

  • Stakeholder perspectives: relevance, appropriateness, timeliness

  • Critical success factors

  • Scalability and sustainability

  • Potential for using new curricula for e-leadership development

  • Practical next steps


  •  Bruno Brocheton, VP IS, Euro Disney, Vice President, CIGREF
    (Vision of big enterprise in service)

  • Daniel Dubreuil, Chief Information and Innovation Officer, SAFRAN
    (Vision of big enterprise in service)

  • Prof. Dr.  Renaud Cornu Emieux, Directeur de l'Ecole de Management des Systèmes d'Information de Grenoble (EMSI Grenoble) (Business Schools Vision)

  • Tristan Monroe, Chairman of Metanex (SME Vision)

  • Prof. Dr. Sharm Manwani, Henley Business School


 16:30 - 17:00

Summary and Conclusion


Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director, Global Indices, INSEAD European Competitiveness Initiative




This event is targeted at innovative employers, current and aspiring e-leaders, professional associations, universities and business schools as well as policy-makers interested in promoting digital innovation. Due to the need to balance the stakeholder groups, final acceptance of participation is by personal invitation.  Acceptance will be confirmed within two weeks of registration. There is no charge to attend the event. Anyone expressing an interest will be sent a link to the outputs of this event.

Please register your interest at the following weblink:


Further information

e-Leadership Flyer
You can obtain background research on this topic by accessing a pamphlet at the following web site: www.eskills-guide.eu

Local organiser:
Contact: Frédéric Lau
Phone.: +33 6 86 68 90 20 / +33 1 56 59 70 18

Event Secretariat
for all European Regional Cluster Events on ‘New Curricula for e-Leadership’:

empirica GmbH
Oxfordstr. 2, 53111 Bonn, Germany
Mira Zöller: mira.zoeller(at)empirica(dot)com
Werner B. Korte: Werner.korte(at)empirica(dot)com
Phone.: +49 228 98530-0

Practical information

Event language
The conference language will be English.

The registration for this event is free.

The conference will start on 6 November 2014 with a welcome coffee and refreshments.
A walking dinner will take place at 12:40 at the event venue.


This initiative was launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise and Industry in January 2013